Touring Caravan Insurance

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Do you need caravan insurance?

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It’s important to ensure you insure your caravan, as you’re at risk of losing thousands of pounds if something unexpected happens to it.

You’ll also be responsible for the cost of any damage that your caravan does to third parties so if you don’t have insurance in place, you could end up with a hefty bill to pay.

No one likes spending money on something that isn’t necessary so finding a good deal on your insurance is vital for most of us.

When you compare cheap caravan insurance quotes with The Insurers, you’re not only protecting your investment, you’re also saving yourself time and money.

Different types of caravan insurance

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Purchasing a specific caravan insurance policy is the best thing to do if you want to make sure that your caravan is properly covered.

Caravan insurance comes in two main types – ‘New for Old’ and ‘Market Value’.

If your caravan is written off and you have New for Old cover, in the event of a pay out from your insurer you’ll receive what it would cost to replace your caravan brand new.

If you have Market Value cover, you’ll receive the caravan’s current market value at the time of the incident.

There are lots of additional ways that you can tailor your policy to suit your needs, including adding contents insurance and cover for your caravan equipment (e.g. wheel clamps, motor movers).

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Touring Caravan Insurance FAQs

  • Do I really need caravan insurance?

    Although it is not a legal requirement, insurance is highly advisable for your touring caravan. The fact that they are mobile can make them targets for thieves, while new or high-spec caravans can be very valuable.

    As a caravan represents a significant investment for most owners, it helps to be on the safe side rather than risk going uninsured, whether you’re using the caravan or keeping it in storage.

  • How can I reduce my insurance costs?

    Having security devices such as a wheel clamp may reduce the premium cost for some policies, storing your caravan in a secure CaSSOA location when it is not in use could lower your costs.

    If you have passed an approved towing course, you may also be offered reduced premiums.

  • Am I covered to tow my caravan abroad?

    This varies greatly depending on the insurance provider and the policy you have selected. Be sure to check the results page to see if “European Cover” is provided and check for any country exclusions before you complete your purchase with the broker.

  • What is the caravan serial number and why should I give this for my insurance quote?

    The serial number is also known as the CRiS number and it can be found on the windows of the caravan, on the frame by the door or inside the gas locker. Providing this number might reduce the cost of your premium from some of the insurers on our panel.