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What is static caravan insurance?

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If you don’t take out static caravan insurance and something happens to your home away from home, you risk being hugely out of pocket.

As most static caravans are left unoccupied most of the time, it is important to have insurance for any damage or theft that may occur whilst they are empty. Most policies will also provide cover for any accidents or damage that occurs whilst the caravan is occupied, although it is important to check the policy documentation to see what is covered, and who is covered – owners only, owners and family, paying guests etc.

Static Caravan cover levels vary depending on your choice of policy, but coverage is usually available for:

  • Theft of the whole caravan
  • Theft of belongings
  • Theft of equipment, including gas canisters
  • Flood damage
  • Weather damage
  • Awning damage
  • Decking damage
  • Other optional coverage is available

Each policy has different features and optional extras, so it is important to confirm that you have all the cover you need before buying.

Different types of caravan insurance

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Static caravan insurance has two different types of cover – ‘New for Old’ and ‘Market Value’.

If your caravan is written off and you have New for Old cover, in the event of a pay out from your insurer you’ll receive the latest version of your caravan or another new equivalent, rather than receiving a cheque for the value.

If you have Market Value cover, you’ll receive the caravan’s current market value at the time of the incident. It is important that you provide an accurate current value for your caravan if you opt for this type of cover.

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Compare Static Caravan Insurance FAQs

  • Do I really need caravan insurance?

    Like home insurance, static caravan insurance is not a legal requirement. But as a caravan represents a significant investment for most owners, it’s up to you if you want to be on the safe side rather than risk going uninsured, whether you’re using the caravan or not.

  • How can I reduce my insurance costs

    Storing your caravan at a secure caravan site could help to reduce your premiums. Ensure that you correctly submit the security measures of your berthing location when you are filling in the quote form. Security devices such as window locks may also reduce premium costs.

  • What is the caravan serial number and why should I give this for my insurance quote?

    The serial number is also known as the CRiS number and it can be found on the windows of the caravan, on the frame by the door or inside the gas locker. Providing this number might reduce the cost of your premium from some of the brokers on our panel.